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My name is Jamie and I’m a photographer based in Detroit, but I’m always willing to travel for shoots. So, who am I? I’ve always loved art, but it wasn’t until I took AP art senior year of high school that I realized what I needed to do with my life. So, I turned down a volleyball scholarship and my thoughts of being a marine biologist and dove headlong into art school. I have always loved experimenting with all mediums of art such as sculpture and drawing photography is really what hooked me. I honed my skills at Kendal College of Art and Design and graduated with a BFA in photography in 2016.


There are two facets to my photography: my lifestyle adventure work and my conceptual work. They are very closely related even though they may seem different. My lifestyle adventure work is a documentation of how I strive to live everyday and the perspective I want to instill in others; and my conceptual work is an artistic expression of the motivations behind my adventurous spirit. 


If nothing else, I’d like to leave you with this: enjoy your life, enjoy nature and care for the planet as you’d care for yourself, and think differently.

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